Our approach to design is based on an intuitive understanding of its elements - both seen and unseen. We combine experience and insight to create refined, considered spaces that feel like home, and work with our clients' unique sensibilities to ensure that the environments we create truly reflect and nurture them. Practical and purposeful, our interiors embody an effortless aesthetic that balances comfort with aspiration. This is achieved by drawing on the architectural potential of furniture, objects and lighting, allowing their collective synergy to inform each project. We prioritise natural materials and colours, and adopt a sourcing ethos that combines the old, the new and the bespoke. The result is a richness of decor that runs from the overarching ambience to the smallest design detail.

Filippo Calvagno was born in Germany to Sicilian parents, in an environment that allowed for creative freedom and experimentation throughout his youth. This way of being has remained with him into adult life, taking him through the creative spheres of both art and dance across the globe, before arriving at interior design. Calvagno combines his artful eye with an acute understanding of human expression to create the foundation for Studio Calvagno’s design work. Continually informed by his artistic interests and curiosity for worldwide cultures, Calvagno brings an all-embracing outlook to his studio that shapes its signature aesthetic.